In 2018, the #1 anxiety for Australians was money. Most banks were promoting lofty dreams and putting more people into more debt, making Australians concerned they’ll never achieve their dreams. It was time to break it down. To put banking into simple terms and help people take small steps to save better, spend better, so they can dream bigger. 
Enter Sunny. Our 10-year-old, optimistic voice of reason to help simplify the complexities of money. Launched nationally, Sunny created strongly established Suncorp’s brand presence in the newer southern markets. 
And the results exceeded the ambitious target across a range of metrics. 7% awareness lift nationally 53% lift in EDO account openings 14% lift in new account openings in Qld and 40% in NSW 206% above Rewards App sign-ups target 675% lift in Growth Saver account openings A total ROI of 282%
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